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About Us

Sapphire Immigration Inc. is a registered immigration consultation firm located in Toronto, Ontario. The Founder of the company, Shahnaz Perveen, is a member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) who is thereby authorized to represent, advise or consult with the clients in respect of a proceeding or application before the Minister responsible for the administration of IRPA, a Visa Officer, or the Immigration and Refugee Board for the purposes of immigration and citizenship.


The firm focuses on providing support, building dependable relationships and promoting success so that each client’s transition and adoption of the Canadian lifestyle occurs seamlessly and quickly.


Sapphire Immigration Inc., we strive to work closely with clients to build trust and bring the best solutions to their immigration objectives with adherence to high professional standards and confidentiality. We aim to widen the scope of services by offering an integrated approach to consulting and creating new opportunities for skilled workers, students, business professionals, travelers and newcomers from diverse communities so that clients can receive settlement services that will enable them to easily integrate into the Canadian lifestyle and culture with dignity.

  • Respond to the client’s needs without any delay.
  • Maintain regular, transparent communication with the clients.
  • Inform the clients regarding current changes/legislative requirements.
  • Update the client’s files on a regular basis to ensure compliance
  • Ensure that all the immigration process needs of the client are met.

We aim to fulfill and surpass the expectations of the client by adhering to the following values in all aspects of the business.




Our affordable services are available in multiple languages

English | Bengali | Hindi | Urdu | Arabic

We offer competitive prices for all our services to all the clients. We also have an office in Bangladesh, located at the heart of Dhaka- the capital city.

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  • Suleman RazzaqueSuleman Razzaque

    My sister sponsored my mother and I to Canada under family sponsorship. After coming here, I fell in love with this country and wanted to become a part of it. A big step to become a part of this country is by being a citizen. But since English is not my first language – I knew passing the citizenship test will be a hard thing for me. That is when I came to Shahnaz. She patiently sat down with me and coached me for extended hours for my Canadian Citizenship Test. As the day of test came closer, I became more confident that I will pass the test. And I did it! I passed the test! Now I am a proud Canadian citizen.I would say without the effort of Shahnaz I would not have passed the test. I am ever so thankful to her.

    She also helped me to apply for my Canadian passport. I am so happy!

    - Suleman Razzaque

  • Leila Lazul LunaLeila Lazul Luna

    I came to Sapphire immigration Inc. our Canadian Citizenship applications. Shahnaz Perveen, being a very expert immigration consultant, explained me every little detail and helped me to complete mine and my son’s applications. She was very friendly and patiently listened about my issues and explained everything very easily to me. In one meeting she gained my trust and from there on, for all my immigration needs I asked for her assistance. She also helped to prepare me for the Canadian Citizenship test. I am extremely excited about this new phase of my life. Shahnaz then explained my rights as a Canadian Citizen and assisted me to apply for my Canadian Passport.

    I will recommended her service to everyone. She is very helpful. Thank you Shahnaz.

  • S. J

    I came to Shahnaz madam when I was about to be deported from Canada. I didn’t have any status in this country and going back to my home country was not an option for me since my life was at risk if I went back. Shahnaz madam took my refugee case and worked tirelessly for long hours and prepared me for my interview with the Immigration board. On the day of the hearing, she went with me and when I heard the positive result from the Immigration and Refugee board, I could not believe it. Shahnaz madam hugged me and said “now you can stay in Canada and no one will ever try to hurt you.” I broke down into tears and she hugged me even tighter.

    It was the best decision of my life that I came to Shahnaz madam otherwise I don’t know what would have happened to me. I am so thankful to madam. May God bless her!

  • Khaleed Al Bashaar,Khaleed Al Bashaar,

    When I got married I immediately knew bringing my wife from Pakistan will not be easy. I was really confused regarding what I should do. Then one of my friends suggested me to consult Shahnaz. The first time I met her, she made me so comfortable and explained me the entire process in a very clear manner. She helped me in every step of the way and prepared my application perfectly. I submitted that application to CIC and everything went perfect. My wife went for her medical exam and now I am just counting days when she will be here. I wish Shahnaz all the best for her future. She is amazing!

    -Khaleed Al Bashaar, Guelph, ON

  • William R. CulpanWilliam R. Culpanhttp://%20

    For any advice regarding immigration and old age settlement needs, I can always trust on Shahnaz. Not only she is very polite and friendly, she always keep my best interest in mind before advising me. She helped me to renew my passport, affidavit many important documents and gave me valuable and effective advices regarding old age benefits offers by the government. I am extremely happy that finally, I found a consultant whom I can count on with my eyes closed. Thank you Shahnaz!

    -William R. Culpan

Please Note

We only accept eligible clients who will have more chances of success. After looking at your documents, if we feel that you will not qualify, we will honestly inform you about the situation. We will not give you false hopes or have you spent your hard-earned money needlessly. We believe in honest and clear communication and therefore, you will have 100% peace of mind if you qualify now or what you need to work on in order to qualify in the future.
Canadian Immigration laws are complex and mistakes are very costly in terms of finances and time; so allow us to guide you through the process from the beginning to the end.