December 29, 2018

Suleman Razzaque

My sister sponsored my mother and me to Canada under family sponsorship. After coming here, I fell in love with this country and wanted to become a part of it. A big step to becoming a part of this country is by being a citizen. But since English is not my first language – I knew passing the citizenship test will be a hard thing for me. That is when I came to Shahnaz. She patiently sat down with me and coached me for extended hours for my Canadian Citizenship Test. As the day of the test came closer, I became more confident that I will pass the test. And I did it! I passed the test! Now I am a proud Canadian citizen. I would say without the effort of Shahnaz I would not have passed the test. I am ever so thankful to her.

She also helped me to apply for my Canadian passport. I am so happy!

– Suleman Razzaque