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April 9, 2017|by  admin|no comments

DEADLINE APPROACHING!!!  This is the last intake for 2016 under the Skilled Worker Program for Quebec province. A total of 5000 applications will be taken this year (between 13th
-20th June) as a first come first served basis.

In comparison to all the ongoing Canadian immigration programs under Express Entry, this is the MOST flexible program with LOWER requirements.


Such as:

  • French efficiency is not mandatory.
  • The age range is wider in compare to under programs.·
  • The expectation of English Proficiency is much lower.
  • If you have children, you will get points (None of the other programs offer this)·
  • Credential Assessment from a designated agency is not mandatory.
  • Spouse of the applicant can contribute towards a higher score in terms of his/her age, education and work experience.
  • If you have any further queries, we are offering 15 minutes of FREE consultation.  So don’t miss it!You can reach us at 416 – 824 – 4752 Or you can e-mail us at