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Mohamed Alkashef

Marketing and Administrative Assistant

Mohamed Alkashef is the Marketing and Administrative Assistant of Sapphire Immigration. Alkashef was born in Montreal, Canada and he is of Sudanese origin. He has completed a communication skill and marketing training courses. he has a Bachelor Degree in Food and Technology Engineering from the University of Gezira, Sudan. He speaks English and Arabic. he started his career with U-HAUL Canada as Customer Service Representative.
Alkashef joined with Sapphire immigration in March 2017 and received intensive training in the different aspect of Canadian immigration programs. In sapphire immigration, he is taking care of marketing plan and day to day administrative activities of the company. He is also responsible for managing social media, planning events, outreach initiatives to promote the business. He has a unique blend of customer service skills, characteristics, and experiences that make him a good team player for Sapphire Immigration.
Alkashef has strong persuasive communication skills and updated knowledge about diverse online approaches