The Team
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Co-Founder & Business Coordinator

Sapphire Immigration’s co-founder, Anika Tashnuva, has extensive experience in immigration, marketing, and office administration and management. Anika has contributed to the success of various organizations: A+ Academy of Advancement, Plan Canada, and Immigration Solutions located in Ontario, Canada.

After graduating from University of Toronto, she worked as a Faculty Member of Mathematics Department of Centennial College for several years. Her strong communication skills, immense patience and warm persona helped numerous students to grasp difficult concepts of mathematics and statistics very easily which made their learning experience a great memory.

Anika is in charge of dealing with the financial position of the company, making sure the business is running smoothly as per ICCRC regulations are concerned. She also makes sure that the company’s client portal is updated so that the privacy of the clients is never compromised.

Additionally, Anika’s multilingual abilities (i.e. English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali) help her effectively communicate with a wide range of clients in their preferred language.